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It's time for all upholsterers, curtain makers and decorators to have more time for work that actually pays off. And as a bonus, the agencies get increased sales. We build a tool that is not only in demand by upholsterers and decorators. Larger factories that work with upholstery and production also want to make their work more efficient by using FIBES.

Come and meet  the people behind Fibes Family AB and agencies that are already in the FIBES APP, and learn how everyone wins with FIBES! We meet at Brigitta Welle Tapetserarverkstad in Enskede at 19:00 on Thursday 25/5. Welcome!

Upcoming Events

  • Mingle & info night with FIBES
    Thu, May 25
    Birgitta Welle Wallpaper workshop
    May 25, 7:00 PM GMT+2
    Birgitta Welle Wallpaper workshop, Stora Gungans Väg 8, 122 31 Enskede, Sweden
    Learn how everyone wins with FIBES!
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