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a smoother day at work

Giving you more time to be creative

We have developed simple user-friendly technology, so that creativity can flow freely.

FIBES collects all suppliers' fabrics in one place.

So that you can easily keep track of price changes and when any fabric goes out of production.

We also have a clever search function that helps you find new fabrics. By us marking fabrics according to material, properties and style, etc., we make it easy for the user to find what he/she is looking for.

FIBES keeps track of all your assignments. So that you can quickly see which furniture belongs to which customer. Here you collect, for example, what is to be done to the furniture, and which fabric the customer has chosen.

When the work is finished, the system helps you to create invoices or receipts. FIBES compiles everything by the system already knowing what the material and fabric costs. You only choose if you want to print the invoice, or send it away via email.


FIBES - so that you have more time to be creative.


For upholsterers and decorators


We keep our promises

We do our best to give you a super user-friendly experience.

Quick check

Get updates on your fabrics right when they happen. And if you want - order fabrics with one click.

Online Support

Get help from trained support to get started, and if you get stuck.


We use SSL to keep your information secure.

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Learn all about how FIBES can simplify your workday.

Always updated

Gather all the prizes in one place and save precious time. Get access to all suppliers and their range. The system notifies you when a price changes or a product expires.

Get a personal experience

Forget constant notices about everything and nothing. You choose which fabrics and suppliers you want to keep track of. If you also want to avoid calculating your retail price on each fabric, you can easily enter your general mark-up, and the system will calculate it for you. And if you want to make life even easier - just scan the QR code * on your hanger, and your price and all the properties of the fabric will be displayed.

* We provide you with all the QR-codes when you start using FIBES


We have caught up with the future

Upholsterers are a long-standing profession that has a long and beautiful history. We at FIBES have developed a system with the upholsterers in mind. We want to make sure that you have more time for your fantastic craftsmanship. And do not have to spend countless hours on unpaid administrative work.

With FIBES, you never have to sell an expired fabric again.

Or re-label the price of your fabric samples. Take a well-deserved break instead!

We have flexible search functions to find similar patterns, or properties on a fabric. See news directly and get exclusive offers from suppliers - easily in the app!

With FIBES, you keep track of all your assignments. Forget clutter and confusion in your workshop. When you get a job, take a picture of the furniture and fill in all the information. When the work is completed, the system compiles everything in a nice invoice with your logo on, or on a receipt. So you can excel and save time at the same time!


Learn all about how FIBES can simplify your workday.

Always in control

With FIBES , you keep track of all your assignments in the app. When you get a job, you take a picture of the furniture, fill in the customer's information and agreed action. You enter which fabric the customer has chosen with a QR code or manually, and the price you have agreed on. During the work, you fill in all material consumption. When the work is completed, the system compiles all information in a nice invoice or receipt. You can then print the invoice or send it to the customer via email.

Get a personal touch

Add your logo to the app, and it will be clear who the invoice or receipt comes from. Here you can also create professional quotes that can later be turned into assignments and finally an invoice. As a icing on the cake, FIBES has a function that works with accounting systems, so you can save even more time!


What the upholsterers think

Through a survey future users sought these solutions to working day problems.

We at FIBES love your ideas and do everything to solve problems that arise in an upholstery workshop!

Below: quotes from upholsterers.

Recognize fabric even from suppliers with whom you do not have samples or have agreements. Recommend similar fabrics.

Sorting / searching according to the properties of the fabric (eg material, function, durability, washing thread, etc.)

Different types of fabric markings. Eg eco-labeling, flame-retardant, etc. Also fabric quality for different eras / furniture styles


Keep up to date!

Together we build a better future for your business. 

fill in the application to be notified when you can start using FIBES.
When the app is launched, we will contact you with an offer for membership.

"Our goal is for every user to have a smoother working day and more time for work that pays off, which will bring in more money. The cost should therefore never become a burden, but instead an investment." - Erika, CEO FIBES Family AB.

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